The Unknowingly Perfect Family Photo Shoot

When I think about a family photo shoot I think about the perfect pose. The perfect smiles. The perfect lighting. The perfect everything. Yet, when it’s actually comes to scheduling and executing them, they’re rarely perfect. Add toddlers to the mix and all of a sudden you just don’t know what you’re going to get!

This last photo session, though, was special. We had scheduled it during Pride month, we had the cutest outfits planned, and then the weekend finally arrived and we were rained out…go figure. But no worries, we rescheduled for July.

Reflecting on that day we woke up on that hot, steamy July morning – and on time I might add. The kids were so cooperative when we got ready. They were so great about eating breakfast in the car (cause it was a 45 minute ride to the session site), and then we arrived…and that’s when it started.

“No, I do it.”

“No, Abba…”

“I go here…”

“Phoebe, come back…Xander, please come here…”

“Can you smile?”


“Xander, come back to Abba…”

“Phoebe, want to smell the flowers? NO!”

My anxiety went from normal levels to exponentially soring to an off-the-chart space…I was sweating, I was cringing, I was…I was…I was…doing everything our amazing photographer Maggie didn’t want me to do, which was relax and enjoy.

“What about it being perfect, though? Why can’t our kids just cooperate for a moment …? Ugh, I feel bad we scheduled this so early – I feel like we’re wasting your time!”

These were things I actually said.

Then Maggie said to me, “Jeffrey – you don’t see what I see behind the lens. The kids are doing an incredible job. Remember, it’s these moments right here where you can just let things happen. Watch – you’ll see…”

Then she came over to show me a picture from her camera she snapped, and it was in that moment I knew she was right…

And now, a few weeks later, here I am staring at the pictures that our family photographer Maggie captured, and all I can think is, “how absolutely perfect!” And it couldn’t be any truer. In fact, five things I can see in these pictures are:

1. Our family exudes love.

2. Our children are so inquisitive and love to explore.

3. Our children are the most quintessential toddlers.

4. Our family is beautiful.

5. Our family is perfect in every single way.

When I sit back and reflect on the session, a great sense of pride and joy overcomes my soul. I feel it in the depths of being how I have been changed by our children, how they’ve enriched our lives beyond measure and how fortunate we are as a two-dad family raising such amazing, beautiful, smart, crazy, rambunctious and loving little humans. I love that Maggie captured our family as it is – crazy, filled with love, and perfect ❤

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