Happy New Year: Closing 2018 and Welcoming 2019

Dear Yeladim,

While it’s a little later than Abba is used to, happy 22 months and happy new year! It’s been 22 months since you’ve forever changed our lives and that we’re blessed to be your parents. As we enter into 2019 we’ll have the opportunity to write new chapters to our life’s adventures. We cannot wait to see what lies ahead, but for now, let’s recap 2018…

Yeladim – here are a list of your accomplishments in just this last calendar year:

  • You learned how to walk
  • You learned how to run (ish)
  • You learned how to understand and follow directions (when you want)
  • You learned how to eat solid food – and good golly do y’all eat…oh, and we don’t feed you anymore L
  • You learned how to identify geometrical objects
  • You learned an infinite amount of songs and even sing along to many of them
  • You learned how to say the names of dozens of animals, and even their sounds!
  • You learned how to drink from the 360 cups and a straw cups (after much trial and error
  • You gave up all bottles
  • You gave up using the paci (or wubbas, as you call them) except for when you sleep
  • You said goodbye to your last two feline siblings Cole & Toby
  • Your personalities continued to develop (more on that in your individual section)
  • You have a full mouth of teeth! Ouch!
  • You learned how to climb…on everything…
  • You visited the beach for the first time in Alabama with Aunt Ashly and Uncle Mac
  • You learned the joy, and we learned the terror (and phenomenon) that is Baby Shark
  • You graduated from taking laundry basket baths to using the tub like big kids.
  • We had our first family photo shoot
  • You visited your first aquarium and boardwalk
  • You gave up your sleep sacks and sleep in big kid pajamas
  • You enjoyed your many adventures at the Zoo
  • You enjoyed the myriad of park adventures
  • You developed a love for Sunday breakfasts at the diner with our amazing waitress Maria
  • You enjoyed swimming in many, many pools in many states
  • You graduated to your convertible car seats
  • You both grew infinitely cuter, as if that were even possible… ❤


You are a truly the brightest beacon of light in our lives – you are fiercely observant and deliciously curious about the world around you. You thrive in fine motor skills and language, and love to try and put together words to better communicate what you want about the world around you. You are opinionated and are not afraid to share that, and we will continue to encourage this. Your voice will always be heard, your thoughts will always be valued and your mind always nurtured. You are truly independent and love to share the world on your terms. Know that we’ll be here for you to guide and walk with you forever and always.

Your favorite food is: Peas

Your favorite song is: Baby Shark Dance Remix

Your favorite movie is: “Anna” aka Frozen

Your favorite book is: Marlon Bundo

Your favorite color is: Yellow

Your favorite parent is: Daddy

Your favorite animal is: Dogs/Puppy

Your favorite toy is: Animal Shape Sorter-Thingy (LOL)

Your favorite stuffed animal is: Pink Puppy


You are the sweetest, most gentle little boy to ever grace this Earth. You are so, so caring, tender and sweet (except when you’re fighting with Phoebe lol), and always filled with hugs and kisses for Abba and Daddy. You have a knack for empathy and feeling other people’s emotions; you really know how to read the space and people around you. Though you are usually very eager to give up a toy for your sister to enjoy, you do have a sneaky and cunning side to you that is devilishly cute. In the last month your voice has exploded with thoughts, words and communication. The exponential growth you’ve shown is epic! Your sweet and nourishing side will always be encouraged. May you continue to grow into a kind, empathetic and loving young man that will forever change the world with his love and kindness.

Your favorite food is: Pancakes

Your favorite song is: Baby Shark Dance Remix

Your favorite movie is: Finding Nemo

Your favorite book is: Marlon Bundo

Your favorite color is: Yellow

Your favorite parent is: Abba

Your favorite animal is: Duck

Your favorite toy is: Truck

Your favorite stuffed animal is: tie between Elmo & Cookie Monster

As you can see it’s been an eventful 2018 with so much having happened; and 2019 isn’t going to be any less dull, that’s for sure! We love you beyond measure and look forward to all that shall come to pass. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep absorbing the world around you. Keep exploring. Keep exploring your independence. Keep testing your limits. Keep being the amazing people you are meant to be.

All our love,

Abba & Daddy

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