Happy 17 Months (Purposefully Belated)

Dear Yeladim,

Happy 17 months! Wait…did we just write 17 months? The time is flying by! That means that it has been 17 months that we’ve been blessed to be your parents. Simply amazing. You’ll notice that there’s a parenthetical in the title: (Purposefully Belated). And it’s (sorta) true…I swear. You see two years ago today was a very special day; a special day indeed.

On July 21, 2016 your Abba and Daddy woke up to the sounds of pitter patter of Aunt Ashly’s children. Cousin Evie was impatiently knocking on our bedroom door to get up so that she could play. And cousin Kaisen was right behind her, with the book Go Dog Go, demanding that it be read. We played after we brushed teeth and read for a few minutes. Then we went downstairs to say good morning to Aunt Ashly and Uncle Mac and of course little Millie. To our surprise Aunt Ashly was already dressed in green and had a bowl of pineapple ready to be consumed. Why? Because on very special days we have traditions. This is something you’ll learn with Abba and Daddy throughout your life. This very special day was what we call, “Transfer Day.” This is the day we placed two perfectly beautiful embryos into Aunt Ashly, both which grew and grew to become the both of you! Amazing!

Now, on to the other reason for this letter: Your 17th month birth celebration! img_3215

So much has exploded in the last month it’s not even funny. In fact, this last month may have been one of the most explosive, most especially in language and communication.

Phoebe: You’ve learned to climb. You’ve cut all four first year molars (ouch!). You’ve started to cut your canines (may the heaven’s bless Abba and Daddy with patience). You have more than 30 words that youimg_3244 can speak. When it comes to communication and following directions you understand so, so much. You no longer take fluid by bottles. You know many parts of your body and can point to them. And! You can quack like a duck when asked, “What does the Duck say?” Amazing! You love to use a fork when eating your food. Oh, and you absolutely love to test Abba and Daddy’s limits with what is and is not acceptable…only a fraction of the defiance that is to come, weimg_2327 are sure. 🙂

Xander: You’ve earned a new nickname Mr. Booogley, or as Abba says to shorten it: Boogs. You have also cut your first four molars and first four canines –  all within 3 week’s time…oh my! You’ve not only learned the art of back-arching tantrums, you’ve mastered it. You even became the exorcist in front of your PA grandparents. Thankfully, it’s not very often. You have about 20 words that you love to use…but by far your favorite two to say are ‘banana,’ and ‘daddy.’ It’s so freaking adorable! You have begun to climb on things…anything, really. You sometimes tantrum at dinner until you img_6089have your fork in hand…you love to crawl and walk in between Abba’s legs and play peak-a-boo. But most of all, you love to sit on Abba or Daddy’s lap with a book and listen to us read to you. Last thought: we have your surgery scheduled to correct your strabismus in September.

This last month also brought out new characteristic traits between the two of you. Some call it the “twin bond.” We call it the most absolutely amazingly adorable and special thing we’re beyond blessed to witness. Every morning whoever gets to the water sippies first makes sure that the other has theirs before they themselves start drinking. When one tantrums the other offers a toy or a consoling back rub. You love to give one another high-fives, hugs and kisses. You bring each other one another’s wubbas. Oh, and that img_3036time when Bubba threw his out of the crib and Pickle, you tried to pass one from your crib to him? Precious.

It’s a blessing to be parents. Through it all – from the darkest, scariest moments to the lightest, funniest and most special of moments. Selfishly, though, I say that having twins adds an element of sparkle to how special it is, as we get to witness one of the most special relationships grow from it’s very first day. This is something we’ll forever nurture, cherish and thank Aunt Ashly and her family, and the amazing team of scientists and doctors that paved the way for us to be parents. We’re forever grateful.

Continue to explore, yeladim. Continue to grow and learn. Continue to test us. Continue to bond with one another. Continue to teach us. Continue to humble us. Continue touching our hearts in ways we never knew existed.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba