Happy 16 months!

Dear Yeladim,

Happy 16 months! Holy crickies that means it’s 16 months that we’ve been blessed to be your fathers!

This letter is a bit more special as your 16 month celebration just happens to also be our second Father’s Day, all with amazing thanks to Aunt Ashly for helping bring you both to us. So while this letter will, as usual, focus on you, it will be through the lens of what the last year of being parents has taught us.

Lessons Learned

– all crazy is temporary, just hold on

– teething really is the devil

– your smiles are infectious beyond all imagination, as are your giggles

– the affection you both share and show us everyday is the best gift

– watching you grow, explore and develop is better than anything put on television

– watching your twin bond form is one of the most beautiful things to bear witness

– as boy/girl twins you most definitely don’t look alike 😂

– you are individual people through and through, and your personalities are amazing

– you’re both beautiful people

But perhaps the best blessing in the world is waking up every day and being your parents. Your fathers. Being the ones you snuggle when you fall, the ones you show off too when you’re excited, happy and proud and being the parents you know will be there for you no matter what.

Yeladim, we can’t express just how much we love you. Truly, a parents love for their child is immeasurable…but one thing we do know is that our love won’t ever end, it will only strengthen with time and will only grow to be more and more special.

To the two greatest humans ever: thank for giving us both a reason to celebrate Father’s Day.

All our love,

Daddy and Abba

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