Happy 15 Months!

Dear Alexander and Phoebe,

Today you’re 15 months old and that means we’ve been blessed to be your parents for 15 months! Holy crap on a cracker!

Let’s cut right to the chase…this last month has been explosive for you both:

  • You both look like toddlers
  • You both wear shoes
  • You both are walking
  • Language is strong with you both!
  • Your fine motor skills are incredible with great bilateral action
  • You both love to stack rings, cups and legos
  • You both love to read
  • You both sleep without your sleep sacks

Currently we read Brown Bear Brown Bear 20 times a day and go through all the animal noises. And you love your newest book A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo.

This last month has been so busy for you! Each weekend you got to celebrate one set of twins’ first birthday! First was Freya and Zelda, second was Dean and Emma, third was Colton and Weston and this coming weekend marks the end of the birthdays with Kevin and Jason! Phew!

This next month we are sure will be ripe with new learnings and we cannot wait! We love you more than you’ll ever know and are the luckiest to be your daddy and Abba.

All our Love,

Daddy & Abba