12 Month Check Up!

Dear Yeladim,

Today you had your 12 month wellness visit with your pediatrician! It seriously couldn’t have been a better visit! Let’s get the basis over with:

Phoebe – in just one year you have gone from 3lbs 13oz to 21lbs! You’ve more than quintupled your weight. You’ve grown 11.5” from 16.5” to 28”! Incredible!

Alexander – in just one year you have gone from 5lbs 4.3oz to 27lbs! You’ve quintupled your weight exactly! Incredible! You’ve grown 11.2” from 19.3” to 30.5”! Amazing!

Guys – so you know you were born premature, right? Well, you would never know it. You are kicking prematurity’s butt! When it comes to milestones you are hitting chronological milestones (as opposed to corrected). This is incredible. Your doctor was just so happy to see how things are going…we talked about all the crazy things you do like jibber and jabber, cruise from here to there, play peek-a-boo and clap your hands. We even talked about the crazy foods you eat and you shovel them in so quickly! You both really are great eaters. We talked about making your first dentist appointment this year and weaning you from the bottle (which you’re both already on the way). Truly, it was a terrific visit. You both really make Abba and Daddy proud!

When we came home we had a delicious lunch of peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread, orange segments and yogurt. You both tore it up! And then later for dinner Abba made you one of Daddy’s favorite meals: Indonesian Chicken. Phoebe you were literally in Heaven; Xander, it took you a few to get in your groove but you got there! After dinner we took a walk outside to get some more fresh air, home in time for good night bottles, story, brush teeth and bed.

We are so excited to walk with you this second year of life. We eagerly await the milestones you will achieve throughout the year and look forward to documenting them for your future! We love you both so much!

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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