Happy One Year Birthday!!!

Dear Yeladim,

Today is the 365th day we’re blessed to be your parents…it’s crazy to imagine and truly hard for us to believe, but you’re one whole year old! Up until today we measured your age in months (remember, 12 months makes one year) but this is a whole new milestone! So much has happened in this last year…let’s recap.

– you were born

– you lived in the NICU for your first month

– you learned to suck, swallow and breath

– you learned to communicate with us by differentiating your cries

– you’ve taken three airplane rides

– you’ve been to a bowling alley

– you’ve been to a zoo

– you’ve been to restaurants

– you’ve learned how to sit up

– you’ve learned how to babble

– you’ve learned how to smile and show many, many emotions

– you’ve learned basic words and can say Abba and Daddy

– you’ve gained weight and strength and can now pull your weight up, stand climb and cruise

– you’ve learned to fall and get back up

– you’ve learned to play and love one another like we’ve never seen before

– you’ve learned to eat solid foods (and you love them!!)

– you’ve learned to find and seek objects

– you’ve learned to play basic games

– you’ve learned how to clap

– you’ve learned how to be stronger and fight through your prematurity

– you’ve learned that there isn’t a thing you can’t do when you set your minds to it

But most of all you’ve learned and you know that you have two daddies that will always be here for you. Aways love you. Always hug you. And always guide you. Always. Your smiles when we walk into a room light up our hearts. Your giggles tickle our very soul. Your babbles to us and one another are the sweetest sounds. And your snuggles are by far the best snuggles ever.

Today we celebrate you, but we also celebrate someone else. Aunt Ashly and her family. Without her and her family we would not be here today celebrating you! So today we honor her and thank her for all she’s done for us in helping to make us our perfect family. Aunt Ashly: We Love You!

So today, February 17, 2018, we celebrate the last year of living by partying with friends and family and surrounding us by the community that helped us through this year. And although not all of our family could be here, we know they’re here in our hearts (and FaceTime!) and that we love them!

Keep growing. Keep exploring. Keep making us proud with the little things you do every single day.

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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