Happy 11 Months, Yeladim!!

Dear Phoebe & Alexander,

Today is your 11th month birth celebration and our 11 month blessed to be your parents. As we type this we sit in disbelief trying to understand how fast the time has flown and that in just one months time we’ll be celebrating your one year birthday…ok, back to this month…

Yeladim – this last month has been a rough one. It’s been wrought with illnesses, tears and even a loss. You both somehow managed to come home with another sinus infection, double ear infections, bronchiolitis (Xander), coxsackie virus (again) and even conjunctivitis. And, over new years weekend we lost one of our furblings: Ebony Rooster Mahoney Broustein. Through it all you both were troopers and gave some incredible snuggles and reached incredible milestones. Oh, and how could we forget, you took an airplane ride back from Florida.

Phoebe – your 11th month was filled with discovery. Your ability to crawl around has progressed from army style to all fours. You move around everywhere. You have also mastered pulling yourself to stand with many types of base objects. You even walk across the couch and reach to other spaces to try and “walk across.” Examining objects and banging them together is one of your favorite things to do. You’ve developed a strong affinity towards our “peek a boo” blanket. You love to be hidden underneath and asked, “Where’s Phoebe?!” You immediately uncover yourself, bounce with joy and a smile…and, you’ve started to clap your hands…it’s been such a month of progress!

Xander – your 11th month was filled with lots of movement! You’ve mastered the army crawl, well, sort of…it’s more like you’re just “Slytherin…” Ok, bad Harry Potter joke. But seriously, you get all around and are just so proud when you get to where you want to go. You love to jump and play musical instruments; in fact the tambourine and the xylophone are your favorites. You love when we sing and dance, it brings such a smile to your face! As for steps you are taking so many assisted steps with Abba or Daddy holding your hands…but, you are still very much learning how to use and move your body and often just find yourself taking little tumbles here and there. Oh, and you absolutely love chasing your sister but by the time you get to her she’s sadly moving on…

One thing that you have both started during nap time is likely the one thing we’ve dreaded – resisting the nap and playing with one another. It’s mildly hysterical, but you both just stare and make one another giggle from your respective cribs. Xander – your laugh when Phoebe is babbling to you is priceless…all belly laugh. But seriously – you both need those naps so you’re not cranky 🙂

We cannot wait for winter to be over as that should mark the end of the sicknesses. This year has been particularly rough for many kids, but most especially for those born prematurely. The temperature swings have made for a particularly great breeding environment for nasty bugs and sadly you’ve both picked them up. It’s been hell but your pediatrician is not worried and says that this happens often. By two years old (gulp) you’ll have a rock-star immune system. And by preschool and grade school even stronger which means perfect attendance. No sick days!

Last thing – today is also your Daddy’s birthday. He stayed home from work to be with us since today was an “Abba home day.” It was just so much fun!

We love you both to the moon and back. Until next month when we celebrate your one year birthday and have our first reunion with your Aunt Ashly, Uncle Mac, Kaisen and Evie!

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba

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