Happy 9 Months!

Dear Phoebe & Xander,

Today is your 9 month birth celebration! Holy cow, yeladim, where has all this time gone?! It literally seems like a blink ago and you were born, tiny, connected to all the wires and we were back in Texas with Aunt Ashly and Uncle Mac. But, alas, we’re in Pennsylvania, it’s cold again (like when we unnamed5came home) and you are officially 9 months old…and, next week we’ll celebrate your first Thanksgiving Holiday together! There will be so much food: mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing and so many other things…

Phoebe: where to begin with your accomplishments and milestones?! It’s so hard…so much has happened since your last letter. You are now moving all around…literally, everywhere. And your favorite thingunnamed1 to crawl towards? Sasha’s food bowl…You also love when Abba and Daddy say, “Come Here…” you get so excited, smile and make your way to us. It’s so stinking adorable! You giggle so much (most especially at Daddy and Sasha…and the song “Rump Shaker”), you take big-girl baths in the big-kid tub, you cut your first tooth (yesterday!) and one of your newest things you love to do is practice standing up and holding on to objects. You talk, too. A lot. “Ah-bah-bah-bah-bah” is your first phrase and babble…so stinking cute! Keep being inquisitive and contemplative. Watching you study and learn is just the coolest thing ever! Oh, and we celebrated National Pickle Day (ok, not really, we didn’t even know it existed but rest-assured it will be a Bernstein yearly holiday!)

Xander: you had a great eighth month! You’re babbling more and more (oh, and whining 9more and more…lol), and your first official babble phrase was, “mah-mmmmm-mahh—-mahhh.” It happened about 2 weeks back and took us both by surprise! You found your voice! Go Bubba! You are also more and more sturdy on your legs and have taken to sitting and standing and making a game of it. You love your breakfast in the morning – anything apples and cinnamon is your jam! You love to pass objects between your hands, put them in your mouth and just go to town and chew. Lately, you even love to chew on your bibs. We swear you’re IMG_7302cutting another few teeth with the massive amounts of drool you produce. You also are just such a smiley and happy baby it’s so stinking adorable! And, although she wants nothing to do with it when we sit you on the floor and your sister is there you go to hug her…bubba, it’s literally the cutest thing.

In other news, Abba had to take his first business trip away from you both and Daddy since we’ve been home to Pennsylvania. That was not a very easy thing for him – but Daddy made it better. He FaceTimed with Abba during your dinner and evening playtime, and he even sent me pictures of you both in the morning time before daycare. Soon, Daddy will be leaving for a week for business and we’ll do the same for him…!

unnamed7Most recently you’ve both been fighting a really bad viral cold. Phoebe, it hit you hard in your sinuses and Xander it hit you hard in your lungs and chest. It’s been hard to watch you both struggle but you’ve both managed through the worst of it. You gave both Daddy and Abba great snuggles, and, well, watched Moana more than a few times. Ok, way more than a few times…Phoebe – you literally stop everything when you hear it go on the television!

Yeladim: Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep exploring. Keep being inquisitive. Keep talking. Keep playing. Keep smiling. Keep grooving. Keep developing into the amazing tiny humans you are. We love you more than you’ll ever know!

All our Love,

Daddy and Abba