Happy 8 Months!!

Dear Phoebe & Xander,

Today is your 8 month birth celebration! How is it that you’re already 8 months old!? It seems nearly impossible to believe, yet here we are celebrating everything about you both!

Since your last letter you both have really tipped the scales…Xander you are a whopping 22.5 lbs and Phoebe you are 16.75lbs. Though this weight isn’t an “official” weight, Nurse Jane was happy to grab quick informal weights during our visit for your flu vaccines. Official weights coming at your 9 month wellness check.

Phoebe – you have so many new skills! You can sit up, army crawl, babble and stand! You absolutely love to move around and cannot stand being still. You are super inquisitive and love to observe everything you see. You study objects before playing and love to analyze everything – it’s super cute. You’re officially a “Daddy’s Girl,” and love to smile for him whenever you see or hear him…It’s truly precious! You are no longer just eating purees of single foods now as you’ve officially graduated to more complex food combinations with spices, vegetables, fruits and meats. It’s been nothing short of amazing to watch you grow and adapt to eating foods. In fact, you just recently started to love yogurt melts, teething wafers and have even managed some cereal-type puffs…but still no teeth…

Xander – since your last letter the strides you have made are just incredible! You are able to roll in every which direction, you officially sleep only in your crib and you’ve started to babble! In fact, you love screeching and exploring your voice – totally adorable. You’ve also tuned into “stranger danger” and really love your Abba and Daddy, but truth-be-told you’re an “Abba’s Boy.” You love to stand up, sit up and explore your surroundings – oh, and take anything and everything and place it in your mouth. Literally. Everything. Oh – and you have two teeth!! Your ability to manage foods with texture has improved leaps and bounds! You love your solids and most especially look adorable opening your mouth…Last thing: you’ve started to officially give yourself your own bottle!

Yeladim, we love you to the moon and beyond! Each day you show us more of your incredible personalities and we just absolutely love it!

Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep exploring. Keep being the incredible little people you are and always be true to yourself.

All our love,

Daddy & Abba